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Logo - Pick Up - compound e riciclo -compound - Pordenone

Our Company

Pick Up is a young and dynamic company. Our company has grown in the past twenty-five years to become one of the leading companies in Italy in trading and producing polymers. Pick Up sells several tons of raw plastic material. Most of our employees have spent all their working lives in the polymers industry. Therefore, we continue to implement their skills assigning them the most suitable work tasks. We believe that Pick Up is a pleasant place to work and we are ready to embrace new approaches to business. We are focused on
growth, and we treat the customer as “King”. We look forward to working with you! Pick Up is a leading supplier of innovative solutions in the polyolefins, techno polymers, and elastomers field. Based in the province of Pordenone, Italy, Pick Up operates on the entire European market. We aim to proactively benefit society by facing social change and offering real-world solutions. We strive for customer satisfaction, finding the most suitable option for each one.

Our vision

All Pick Up employees and associates need to have a common understanding of the company’s fundamental purpose. A shared vision enhances a feeling of oneness and offers guidance in performing daily work activities. Pick Up aims to be a role model in customer satisfaction by providing services in the field of engineering plastics. We aim to be a recognized leader in the business sector where we compete. We are passionate about removing obstacles so that everyone may share the power of our experience. In addition, we are passionate about developing innovative solutions for a better future for our planet and our community.

Our mission

We embrace the principles of ecologically sustainable development in business practices and service delivery, adhering to the highest environmental health and safety standards. We strive to offer our customers a solid experience and sound advice thanks to innovation and communication. We aim to encourage participation and discussion while staying focused on achieving results.


Each product is designed ad hoc to guarantee performance excellence. Pick Up can formulate tailor-made products according to customers’ needs. In addition, our company focuses not only on the plastics trade but also on quality-assured products through its production divisions.